There’s no question that you need cargo insurance or freight insurance – especially when on average, Ocean Freight is only insured up to $500.00 a container by the carrier, and the average Truck Line offers insurance that is only a few cents per pound!

Take a look at our benefits versus standard cargo insurance and you’ll see why, since our company was founded in 1998, thousands of companies large and small, as well as individuals who are moving valuable household contents, have trusted us for their cargo insurance or freight insurance! versus Standard Cargo Insurance

Particulars Carriers’ Insurance
Coverage is All Risks* Yes No
Covers Acts of God Yes No
Covers Terrorism Yes No
Covers Strikes Yes No
Covers Civil Disruptions Yes No
Coverage is Door-to-Door Yes No
Claims Handled Quickly Yes No
Claim Settlement is Invoice Value PLUS Freight Charges PLUS 10% Yes No
No Need to Prove Fault on the Part of the Carrier Yes No
*Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance/Policy for a complete explanation of coverage and conditions.
Don’t take a chance with your valuable goods and be under insured! Fill out our cargo insurance form today and receive an excellent rate quote in less than an hour!
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At, you will save time with our fast online service, save money with the best rates available,
and get the comprehensive coverage you need for total peace of mind while your cargo or freight is in transit.
  • No Cap on the Value of Your Shipment – Unlike most other companies, we have no limit as to the value of your shipment.
  • Fast, No-Hassles Online Turnaround – We respond to your request for a quote in less than one hour, and as soon as payment is made, you receive your Certificate of Insurance within an hour, saving you valuable time. You can print your certificates directly from your computer. It’s that fast and simple!
  • You Get Primary Insurance (not Contingent) – Your cargo and freight insurance from is “first in line” to cover your shipments. Most other cargo and freight insurers offer “Contingent” cargo insurance, which means it is secondary insurance and only covers your claim if it is denied by the carrier.
  • All-Risk Coverage* – We only offer this comprehensive top-of-the-line coverage, which means your goods are insured against All Risks of physical loss or damage, both partial loss and total loss. And, this covers damage that results from any external cause, door-to-door, including Acts of God, Terrorism, Strikes, Civil Disturbances, Theft, and more!
  • Low and No Deductibles on Commercial Cargo and Freight – That’s right! There are low or no deductibles on your policy. (Small deductible applies on high value and fragile goods as well as personal household moves.)
  • All Insurers are A+ or Better – That means your coverage is provided only from insurers with the highest industry ratings for financial strength and claims payment history.
  • No Member Fees or Monthly Minimums – Just the best rates and the speediest online insurance coverage service no matter how often you ship, or how big or small your shipments!
  • Convenient Payment Options – We accept credit card payments through our website as well as
  • Customs Brokerage Service – If you need Customs Clearance Services, we can help you through our on-site subsidiary, Beja Custom House Brokers

*Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance/Policy for a complete explanation of coverage and conditions.

Whether your shipment is large or small, and no matter what its destination, you can rest assured that your Parcels, Packages, Shipments, Cargo and Freight will be covered – whether it is for Moving Insurance, Air Freight Insurance, Ocean Freight Insurance, Truck Freight Insurance, Cargo Insurance or Freight Insurance.

Remember – you get your quote in less than one hour and within one hour of receiving your payment we’ll email of fax your Certificate of Insurance and Receipt!

***Please note that Insurance is not in effect until a Certificate of Insurance is issued and then received by the insured. Making payment does not constitute that the insurance is in force.***